Modern Public School organizes online classes for its students amid COVID-19 lockdown

New Delhi: To maintain the flow of education amid the COVID-19 lockdown, Modern Public School, (Shalimar Bagh ) is conducting online sessions for its students. During these sessions the teachers are connecting with the students remotely and giving lectures and providing study material by using technological aids like Microsoft Teams, Zoom app, YouTube tutorials and WhatsApp broadcasts. The online classes are being held in a structural manner by following a proper time table consisting of 1 hour sessions which are presided over and monitored by Alka Kapur, Principal, Modern Public School (Shalimar Bagh), to maintain the highest standards of teaching.

Since the students cannot come to school, Modern Public School has taken the approach to take the school to children. This has been a positive initiative and is helping many students cope with stress and anxiety about their academic career.

Besides conducting regular classes, Modern Public School is also organizing ATL, Dance, Art & Craft classes. Online quizzes and astronomy sessions are being organized as well. To best utilize the time available during the lockdown and to foster curiosity and innovative mindset in young Modernites, Modern Public School ATL team recently conducted the Tinker webinar. It was organized in collaboration with STEMROBO to introduce the concept of Design Thinking. It helped the students discover new horizons of designing while constructively utilizing their spare time. Until the lockdown opens, MPS has decided to shift the parent teacher meetings to the online format as well, and is taking this time to further train the teachers and strengthening its fleet.

Apart from online learning sessions, Modern Public School is also putting special emphasis towards the mental well-being of class 10th and 12th students, who were appearing for their board examinations and now are eagerly waiting for things to resume. MPS is organizing counselling sessions for these students to boost their morale and give them a clear career path. Besides this, career and stress counselling is being organized for students of all grades.

While these sessions are being held under the watchful eye of Mrs Alka Kapur, emphasis is being laid on behaviour management, mental and physical development of the students, and providing the study modules accordingly.