MoEYS takes steps to Upgrade Human Resource Management Information System

The Ministry of Education Youth and Sport (MoEYS) has made critical steps to upgrade Cambodia’s Human Resource Management Information System (HRMIS) and better align it with the country’s emergent Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and Teacher Career Pathway (TCP) management systems. This work is being done with the direct support of UNESCO’s Strengthening Teacher Education Programmes in Cambodia (STEPCam) funded by the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) for which UNESCO is the Grant Agent.

Through the development and implementation of a comprehensive CPD management system, STEPCam aims to enhance the competencies of teachers and school directors. As part of this effort, UNESCO mobilized Software Development Specialists and an Education Data Specialist to support the recently established Continuous Professional Development Management Office to upgrade HRMIS to successfully capture CPD credits and support education personnel’s career progression under the new Teacher Career Pathway (TCP) framework.

On 11-12 January 2021, UNESCO’s specialists participated in a consultation workshop at the Provincial Office of Education (PoE) in Kampong Cham city organized by the Department of Personnel, under the leadership of His Excellency Near Sophan, to share and get feedback on the various new features of the HRMIS. The workshop brought 52 participants from multiple MoEYS technical departments.

The HRMIS’s new features include an improved user-friendly interface, staff information and contract teacher management among others. The new HRMIS will be deployed at sub-national level and be available both offline and online. These features are informed by and part of the reform of the CPD management system being undertaken by MoEYS and supported by STEPCam.

MoEYS is also currently in the process of conducting sub-national consultations on the CPD credit acquisition system that allows teachers and school directors to log credit hours for professional development activities. Part of the HRMIs upgrades includes capturing and integrating these credits into the Ministry’s overall personnel management system.

It is expected that Phase 1 of the HRMIS will be completed with active participation and input from education stakeholders at all levels and that system can be piloted in five target provinces in 2021 and 2022.


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