MoEYS test Student Tracking System

The Department of Education Management Information System  with the support of the Strengthening Teacher Education Programmes in Cambodia (STEPCam) – jointly implemented by the Ministry of Education Youth and Sport and UNESCO with the financial support of Global Partnership for Education– began to test a new individual Student Tracking System (STS).

UNESCO recognizes that timely, accurate and meaningful data on all aspects of the education system is required to help identify the strengths of the Cambodian education system, as well as area of improvement, particularly those pertaining to equity. The importance of education data is further reinforced by Cambodia’s commitment to achieve the global Sustainable Development goals in all areas, including education (SDG4).

The STS system is going to be linked with Education Management Information System and will provide each student with an ID. It will allow schools to gather the following information for each student: academic and enrolment history, bio data, scholarship awards, learning results by subject and year, and attendance, among others. The system will help schools keep electronic records of relevant student data, and generate reports at the school, district and provincial level.

From 2 – 4 July 2020, DEMIS with support from UNESCO launched a micro-pilot of this STS with 14 participants from Siem Reap’s Provincial Office of Education (PoE), District Office of Education (DoE), and schools in Pouk to collect feedback from target users on how to improve the system. After receiving their feedback, STEPCam in collaboration with DEMIS will further improve the system before its rollout to 129 schools in Pouk district, Siem Reap province.

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