Moglix Founder & CEO, Rahul Garg launches philanthropic venture Mogli Foundation, to impact 100M+ Indians

The organization will focus on projects in the domains of health, environment, and science

Mumbai: Rahul Garg, Founder & CEO, Moglix, announced the launch of his philanthropic venture, Mogli Foundation. The foundation will primarily contribute to the areas of Health, Environment and Science in intellectual, physical, and financial forms.


The idea of the foundation was born during the first wave of the pandemic, when the world was grappling with the survival of people and sustainability of the economy. Moglix worked relentlessly to quickly ramp-up PPE supplies and Oxygen Concentrator (OC) distribution. Moglix launched an innovative distribution model for OCs to maximize the fulfillment of oxygen needed by large ecosystems. That is when the realization dawned that a lot of innovation, hustle, and discipline that goes into building organizations, can be leveraged to create better living standards for people.


Sharing details about the Mogli Foundation, Moglix Founder, Rahul Garg, said, “The pandemic has posed various health and environmental challenges for all of us. Especially, the second wave got us thinking that it is time for everyone to do their bit for the betterment of the ecosystem; pandemic and beyond. Mogli foundation is our humble attempt at finding solutions for these challenges through technology and ground hustle. I firmly believe that every small effort in making the world a better place to live, counts and with that belief, we are setting out to do our bit.”


The Foundation will provide a platform for Moglix employees to contribute their time and skills with a commitment of 50 person months. The foundation will also look at partnering with other organizations such as ACT, Give India, other NGOs to foster collaboration, innovations and on-ground execution and organize fundraisers if required. Additionally, Rahul will also contribute capital in his personal capacity wherever required.


Over the last 15 months, Moglix led procurement and distribution of 15M+ PPE kits and other safety items to protect front line workers and communities, globally. Moglix’s significant partnerships include the global sourcing of low-cost components and sub-assemblies for the V310 oxygen ventilator developed by the IIT Kanpur consortium, just-in-time delivery of Zeolite at PSA oxygen plants for the Government of Uttar Pradesh, supplying 100 thousand PPE kits for ASHA workers in association with ACT, and scaling up the impact of oxygen concentrators by 100X through an innovative group sharing model, touching 500,000+ lives.


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