Moksh Popli – Setting a Fine Example by Donating in PM Relief Fund for COVID-19 Pandemic

New Delhi: There’s no use of saving funds if we as country cannot come out of this pandemic at the earliest, are the words from Moksh Popli.

There’s no use of saving funds if we as a country cannot come out of this pandemic at the earliest, are the words from Moksh Popli. He says that as business needs planning and finances to establish it, likewise the present situation of pandemic demands strict adherence and funds to overcome this catastrophe. Moksh believes that in this crucial time we need to stand united and combat the situation. He believes that hospitality and cooperation are not limited to celebrities or giants, even startups can contribute to their best and set up a model example.

The COVID-19 virus first started from Wuhan city in China and in no time moved to the entire world. To date there is no vaccine to stop this virus and WHO declared it as a pandemic, as it spreads from human to human making it more lethal and destructive. During all these days, we all came across the posthaste cases of infected patients from China, Italy, Spain, and now the USA has reported more fatalities and victims than any other country. In this list, India is still far behind and safe in comparison to others. Here, the government did not delay taking precautionary steps to fight Corona. It’s the vision and planning of the Indian government that India is fighting back with the best resources. However, the most affected section is of farmers and laborers during this lockdown period.

Moksh Popli remarks, that in every hour a new update is broadcasted with the new graphs revealing the affected patients who died from Corona Pandemic. It is mortifying and sad for the entire human race. Its aftereffects will be commemorated in the sad memoirs of pandemics. He further says, if we are looking into the brighter side of our nation then everyone must come forward and stand together united.

This year in March he established his startup named Tout and Own Pvt Ltd. and by the end of the month everything changed drastically. In this crucial time, the Prime Minister has formed a relief fund to help the people in need. Moksh came forward and donated 4 Lakh Rupees in the PM Cares relief fund to support the country. It’s not the first time he has shown impulse to stand for everyone. He understands that saving finances for the future is useless if we can’t save the human race who are in need at this hour.

He is actively creating a conduit for others in choosing better possibilities for their businesses. Today, he is providing business consulting services to entrepreneurs internationally. Moksh Popli is known for helping the start-up and several companies in bringing investors, safeguarding the capitals, and stimulating projects through his strong business ethics. He says it loud and clear, that No one could have handled it better than our Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi. Under his leadership, India is in a much better situation than other countries. It is not the end, keeping the spirits of humanity high he demands everyone to do as much as possible, as each drop in the ocean counts.