Molding future entrepreneurs through PTVAIM’s Incubation Centre

Mumbai: Parle Tilak Vidyalaya Association’s Institute of Management inaugurated their Incubation Centre under the Centre of Entrepreneurship & Innovation (COEI). Prof. Suhas Pednekar, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Mumbai University, inaugurated the Centre along with unveiling the first in-house journal, “Prism Square.” The Incubation Centre plays a dual role by providing facilities to incubate promising business ideas and help them translate first into a business and then help them launch. COEI aims to build an entrepreneurial culture among students and transform business ideas into reality.

To start with, the Incubation Centre will host 5 business teams as Incubatees. These are the students from PTVA who will be provided with facilities like office space and workstations, a group of mentors in varied fields, access to investors, workshops and training programs and ideation and avocation facility.

Prof. Suhas Pednekar, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Mumbai University, was elated to inaugurate the Incubation Centre and said, “I am privileged to be a part of this endeavor by PTVA. It will not only aspire students to be leaders but set good practices for others to follow. It serves as a platform for sharing ideas, creating communities, taking local issues and building something to solve them.”

PTVAIM is inclined towards providing a stage to the students to follow their interests and support them with opportunities to be job creators and not job seekers. It is also to leverage India’s demographic dividend to its own advantage, in terms of generating employment opportunities for the upcoming generation.