Monash provides gateway to exciting new learning opportunities in 2021

Thanks to more than $14 million in funding by the Federal Government, Monash University will offer additional study places for more than 1,500 undergraduate and postgraduate students in 2021, and help to further drive Australia’s post-COVID recovery.

As Australia continues to rebuild from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, these additional study places and the introduction of new undergraduate certificates in Workforce Mental Health and Sport & Exercise Nutrition reinforces Monash University’s position as one of Australia’s top higher education institutions.

From next year, there are also additional 80 government-supported places in the Bachelor of Engineering, in recognition of the importance of enhancing Australia’s STEM capabilities.

With more than 200 places allocated for each new certificate, students will have the opportunity to gain essential skills in mental health and sports nutrition, and contribute meaningfully in these high-demand disciplines.

There are also more opportunities for graduate students, with a further 200 places available in both the Graduate Certificate of Epidemiology and the Graduate Certificate of Biomedical Science and Commercialisation.

The Faculty of Information Technology will offer a combined 500 places across its graduate certificate programs in Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Data Science, Business Information Systems, and Information Technology.

Monash has also welcomed additional student places in the graduate certificates in Clinical Pharmacy (Aged Care), Medicine, Road Safety, and Innovation and Sustainability – all of which will ensure students are job-ready in Australia’s post-pandemic society.

President and Vice Chancellor of Monash University, Professor Margaret Gardner AC, said this investment in higher education by the Federal Government will allow more students access to Monash’s high-quality education and research, global experience and industry links to help develop their careers.

“This investment highlights the quality of tertiary education at Monash, and the value of a university education in Australia, to provide students with the best possible opportunity to secure meaningful employment in their chosen field,” Professor Gardner said.

“Since its inception, Monash has strongly supported an educational experience that is inclusive and accessible to all. The introduction of short-course, undergraduate programs, as well as new places across our exceptional graduate certificate degrees, means more students now have the chance to upskill, build knowledge and help drive Australia’s economy in the future.

“It is fitting that Monash’s Faculty of Engineering, which is rated as one of the best in Australia and in the top 100 Engineering schools in the world, has received a further 85 places for its bachelor’s program. Students will benefit greatly in learning from some of our most innovative thinkers.

“Monash is delighted to welcome our current and future students back to campus in 2021, and support them on their educational journey.”

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