Monash University tops the state in preferences as 2020 first round offers sent

Monash University was the most sought after university in Victoria for year 12 students in 2020, and Monash Medicine was the most in-demand course in the state.

Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC) data showed Monash University received more VTAC Undergraduate Commonwealth supported place first preferences than any other Victorian University.

Medicine received 2,277 applications, reaching the top spot for the number of preferences received for a specific course.

Monash yesterday sent 6,207 first round undergraduate offers to students in 130 courses across its four campuses.

The most offers were sent to students for the Bachelor of Science (529 offers), followed by the Bachelor of Biomedical Science (357 offers) and the Bachelor of Arts (326 offers).

The next round of offers will go out in January 2020. Monash has reserved approximately 37 per cent of its projected capacity for the January round.

Compared to the previous year, many ATAR cut-offs have remained largely unchanged or have increased slightly, to allow the university to hold back the capacity required for additional January round of offers.

The university’s new Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics has seen early success, issuing 21 offers with a lowest selection ranking ATAR score of 88.95.

Professor Susan Elliott AM, Monash University’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Education), congratulated all students receiving an offer to study at Monash.

“It is a great achievement of which you should all be very proud,” Professor Elliott said.

“But we also know that an ATAR doesn’t define you, and it doesn’t have to hold you back if it’s not what you expected.

“There are more options and pathways than ever before to help you get where you want to go.”

Professor Elliott encouraged those students looking to change their preference to take advantage of all the information and support available.

Monash offers a range of courses, entry schemes, scholarships and pathway programs for those still assessing their options.

The university has offered 1,788 scholarships and about 20 Monash Humanitarian Scholarships for 2020.

“Monash recognises potential, no matter where it comes from,” Professor Elliott said.

“We want to ensure people from any background or personal circumstances can access a world-class education at Monash.

“Our course offerings are among the most flexible and diverse in Australia, providing a wide range of learning opportunities to suit each student.”