Monash University welcomes significant investment by Victorian Government in international student education

Monash University has welcomed the announcement by the Victorian Government of a new $33.4 million package to support policies and programs for the state’s international education sector.

As Victoria rebuilds from the economic and social issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, this funding package seeks to re-establish Victoria’s position as Australia’s top destination for international students.

The funding package supports the welcome of students as they return to Victoria, a Pathway to Victoria Scholarship Program, a Study Melbourne Entrepreneurship Program, the creation of Study Melbourne Hubs located in strategic offshore locations, and a new International Research Fund.

A targeted international marketing campaign has also been commissioned to promote Victoria as the country’s preferred study destination, which the University looks forward to collaborating on.

Furthermore, a refreshed International Education Advisory Council and Chair will advise the Victorian Government on recovery efforts, and assist with the development of an international education strategy in 2021.

President and Vice Chancellor of Monash University, Professor Margaret Gardner AC, welcomed this announcement by the Victorian Government, acknowledging Monash University was looking forward to working together to feature the world-renowned research, quality of education, global experience and industry links available to students while studying in Victoria.

“With this announcement, Victoria has again strongly signalled the importance of international students to our community. This investment will go a long way to highlighting to the world the quality of tertiary education in Victoria and all that our state, and city, has to offer to international students,” Professor Gardner said.

“The challenges for many international students throughout the pandemic have been extreme. Monash has worked with the Victorian Government to support students financially, and to ensure their health and welfare. Our international students form a major part of our culturally diverse community at Monash, and we are proud of the contribution they bring.

“Monash is focused on welcoming our returning students back to our campuses and recruiting talented students to be part of our education and research. We look forward to working with the Victorian Government to build on our state’s legacy of global education in 2021 and beyond.”

International education plays an important role in the international visitor economy, accounting for 46 per cent of all visitors in 2019, and supports close to 80,000 jobs in Victoria.

To encourage prospective international students to study in one of the world’s safest destinations, Victoria will establish a Pathway to Victoria Scholarship Program. This will provide grants to public universities and TAFEs across Victoria for students studying an intensive English language course.

Monash will also collaborate with Global Victoria in developing five Study Melbourne Hubs to support international students in their transition from online to face-to-face learning.

“The Study Melbourne Hubs are an important initiative – international students will be able to come together to study collectively, meet new friends, get a taste for life in Victoria, and link up with some of the top edtech companies, educators, researchers and industry partners in Australia,” Professor Abid Khan, Deputy Vice Chancellor and Vice President (Global Engagement), said.

“Making sure international students feel confident and accomplished in their studies is our top priority. We want all students to have a rewarding, fulfilling and exciting education experience.

“Monash is excited to partner with the Victorian Government and the International Education team at Global Victoria on the Pathway to Victoria Scholarship Program to support students learning and growth in a foreign environment, and ensure they have the professional and language skills to complete their studies and enter rewarding careers.

“Monash is proud to continue its longstanding, 60-year collaboration with the Victorian Government on building and promoting the state’s world-class reputation for international education and research.”