Montblanc x Pirelli Trolley Collection Brings Performance and Enhanced Mobility to Life

New Delhi: With a shared passion for innovation, performance and design, Montblanc and Pirelli have come together to launch a new limited edition trolley collection. Inspired by the spirit of travel exploration, the Montblanc x Pirelli collaboration leans into the tradition of mobility and speed upheld by Pirelli since 1872. The lightweight trolleys with high-performance ball-bearing wheels and precision handle bar are designed for intrepid business and leisure travellers who expect efficiency, reliability and comfort from their luggage. The sleek aesthetics of the trolleys are enhanced with elegant details inspired by iconic design cues including the unmistakable Pirelli tyre tread pattern.

Both Companies have a heritage in mobility and driving innovation that makes today’s demanding travel more seamless and their steady global expansion has cemented their place as leaders in their respective fields. Montblanc has been the purveyor of fine luxury companions that have been enhancing the travel experience for over 110 years, from pioneering the non-leaking fountain pen to manufacturing finely crafted leather companions. As the purveyor of high value consumer tyres, Pirelli has been supporting motorsports for over 110 years with cutting edge technology and high-end production excellence.

Based on the original Montblanc #MY4810 trolley design, the Montblanc x Pirelli limited edition was created along with Pirelli Design, specialised in conceiving innovative projects in collaboration with partners par excellence and features:

Blue polycarbonate lightweight shell
Black rubberized leather trimming
360° degree ball-bearing wheels with yellow PIRELLI and curved lines trademarks that draw their inspiration from the famous color codes of Pirelli competition tyres
Multi-stop precision handle bar adorned with collaboration signature
Pirelli’s P ZERO™ wheel tread motif embossed on yellow and black luggage tags and on trolley leather trimming. P ZERO™ tyre is the Ultra High Performance product combining Pirelli’s knowledge gained from Motorsport experience and Pirelli’s collaboration with the top car manufacturers

“There are only a few companies that continue to innovate with the same spirit and passion as Pirelli, continuously contributing new technology and equipment to the world of high performance racing but also to luxury motoring experience,” says Nicolas Baretzki, Montblanc CEO. “We have paired this unrelenting spirit with Montblanc’s own spirit of exploration to create travel companions that would offer the best durability, reliability and enhanced mobility for today’s traveller, but with a stylish Pirelli twist to complement the Montblanc design.”

The Montblanc x Pirelli limited edition is made up of a #MY4810 trolley cabin and a #MY4810 trolley cabin with pocket, with just 5000 pieces available.