More IT specialists will be trained at PetrSU

The number of places in this direction at Petrozavodsk State University has increased.
Nina Yurievna Svetova, Director of the Institute of Mathematics and Information Technologies of PetrSU, said:

Our institute is well known far beyond the borders of Karelia. All our areas of study are attractive for applicants, there is a fairly high competition for all areas. The training of students is carried out in close cooperation of our institute with leading partner-employers, the Karelian Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian and foreign universities of the Russian Federation, the Artificial Intelligence Center of PetrSU opened in 2020, which allows children to acquire the most modern knowledge and skills, including in such areas as fundamental mathematics, teaching methods of mathematics and computer science, mathematical modeling, programming, data analysis, artificial intelligence, machine learning, Internet of things, big data.

This year, recruitment for budgetary places of the Institute of Mathematics and Information Technology will increase to 140, in 2020 there were 125 places. A feature of the admissions campaign in 2021 is a single competition for related areas of training “Mathematics” and “Applied Mathematics and Informatics”, the so-called multidisciplinary competition. Applicants wishing to study in one of these areas of study will need to submit documents to participate in the competition for the enlarged group of areas “Mathematics and Mechanics”. During the first year of study, students of this group will study in a general stream, study the basic disciplines common to the two directions. And only at the end of the first course the stream will be divided into the directions “Mathematics” and “Applied Mathematics and Informatics”.

In our opinion, this will allow freshmen to make a more conscious choice of their future specialty – which is closer to them: mathematics or applications of mathematics and computer science. It is also worth noting that a significant increase in the number of budget-funded places occurred specifically for this group of areas, 70 budget-funded places were allocated. To participate in the competition, USE results in mathematics, Russian language, computer science or physics are accepted.

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