“More than comforts and materialistic life, the orphans need Love”: Jaypal Reddy Ganta

Hyderabad: In orphans life, any day is yet another day. But, 15 IT employees of Tetrasoft India, accompanied by its friendly Chairperson, Ms. Chandra Eyunni made a huge difference this Sankranthi in the lives of 56 Orphans at Sanjeevani Ashramam at Narsampet near Hyderabad. The home shelters, destitute, parentless children, abused, abandoned, unwanted and neglected children.

Tetrasoft India has been supporting Sanjeevani Orphanage run by Mathrubhumi Charitable Trust founded by a well known Dr. Mohan Rao and his wife Vinoda Devi. Located in two-acre land donated by another Doctor Gopal Reddy, this Orphanage, according to Dr. Mohan Rao was set up in the year 2006.

Every boy and girl who are housed in this Ashram has a tale to tell. Two girls were witness to their mother neck chopped off and lying in the blood spilt all over. As young girls, they not only witness to the gruesome killing but, they had to remain in the pool of blood all through the night. These two girls were brought to us to the Sanjeevani Orphanage. So many years later even today these girls suffer psychologically from that incident. We not only provide shelter to them, but also education and dignified life. And our ultimate goal is to see them married and settled. I am 73 years old now. I am worried who will look after the Orphanage after me, shared Dr. Mohan Rao.

We have been receiving financial aid of Rs ten lakhs every year from Tetrasoft for the past twelve years, informed Dr. Mohan Rao. The CEO of Tetrasoft India Mr. Rama Seshu Eyunni saw a news bulletin in his house in the USA on a TV Channel about this Orphanage in the year 2006. Then he sent his staff to located the Orphanage and started contributing to it since them continuously without any break.

15 staff of Tetrasoft India lead by its Chairperson Chandra Eyunni, Corporate Communications Head Praveen Kumar Gavuji, Jaypal, Vijay, Suren, Sreeenivas Reddy four cars reached early morning 9 am on this Sankranti Festival Day and spent their quality time till evening. It may not be a big deal for IT Company executives to pay a visit to an Orphanage. It is the quality time and very effectively they engaged the 52 kids in the home make a lot of difference. Ms. Chandra Eyunni, Chairperson of 1000 plus strong company, stayed spent time with kids from morning till evening. She hugged them. She cared for them. She played with them. She even danced with them in many cultural programs. The most humble chairman also let her BMW Car used to for Orphans Jolly Ride int he Luxury Car. All the kids were taken for a ride in luxury cars.

It’s not that the visitors entertained children. Children too reciprocated and entertained visitors with their cultural programs

Sankranti is one of the major festivals. It is celebrated in almost all parts of India in countless cultural forms, with immense devotion, gaiety and fervour. I can’t imagine somebody being alone without calling any person as his or her own. That very thought made me hug as many kids as possible said Ms. Chandra Eyunni, Chairperson of Tetrasoft India. The number of people having no family cannot celebrate this festival as we do. Sharing some valuable moments with these people on such pious occasions is a great humanitarian work I cherish to do as many times as time permits”, adds Ms. Chandra Eyunni, who has been living in the USA for the past forty years. She is on a visit to the city for a month.

Everyone can afford to have some amount of joy during the festive season. It also gives the underprivileged some hope and respite from their lives and motivates them to look forward to happier days ahead. Supporting children is a great way to celebrate the festival.

You better appreciate what you have when you see others who have less. You receive more than you give to those who have less than you observed, a cousin of Ms Chandra Eyunni, Chairperson of Tetrasoft India.

The moment I enter the orphanage, I felt both happy and sad at the same time when you see children playing, fighting with each other, crying, laughing, cribbing about certain things dancing, and so on I felt like i couldn’t have asked a better Sankranthi Celebration than this. It was my first ever visit any orphanage shared Mr. Narsimha, one of the executives of Tetrasoft India. I have joined this organisation six months ago. And I have great experience of this company.

The children were talented; some of them good at singing and some good at dancing and some just have enough talent to wink at girls! Simply observing their talent makes you feel happy and you wish you could spend as much time with them as possible shared Praveen Kumar Gavuji.

If there is one occasion that gives me a lot of happiness and which I look forward to most, it has to be this activity. I have a feel-good factor ever since i returned shares Jaypal Reddy Ganta.

My visit to the orphanage was very inspiring. The kids, though very young, learnt to depend on themselves. They are very strong. Their smile was very genuine. It taught me the true essence of caring and sharing. It made me realise the importance of self-motivation in life. I found that real happiness was what I experienced during my visit there and not in the money and the materialists things in life. They welcomed us whole-heartedly. When I hugged them, I have experienced a lot of positive vibrations in me as well as in them shared Vijay.

Tetrasoft has also donated three new computers. They distributed soft toys and sweets to the boys and girls.

Children in the orphanage need more than material benefits, love and care. They want somebody to on their side. Make them feel loved and cared. That is what they miss. And it is more than money and materialists benefits. And that is what we did. We played chuk..chuk..rail, cricket with them. We danced with them. We gave the happiness of being loved and cared. Having a family is truly a GIFT. We gave them a family experience. May God bless them says, Ms. Chandra Eyunni.

“More than comforts and materialistic life, the Orphans need Love”, Ms. Chandra Eyunni adds.