Mother’s Day at AMU


Aligarh : Women speakers from academia, government services and non-governmental organisations celebrated contribution and unconditional love of mothers, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in our society to mark the ‘Mother’s Day’ observations of the University Film Club (UFC), Aligarh Muslim University (AMU).

Speaking as the Guest of Honour in a panel discussion, Dr Faiza Abbasi (Director, UGC HRD) remarked: “For eons, the role of a mother has remained constricted to a nurturer and a caretaker. She has been endowed with the responsibilities of taking care of her family and raising children. Irrespective of the capabilities to shine in the public domain, women end up playing the role conferred upon them by the society”.

“However, with the changing times and regardless of all the prejudices women still face, working mothers have taken over the professional world. That being said, although the number of working women has considerably increased in recent times, the problems faced by them remain the same”, she added.

Anam Rais Khan (Civil Judge and Metropolitan Magistrate, Delhi Judicial Services) pointed out that there are unrealistic expectations and pressures on working mothers to perfectly balance work and family.

“On this occasion, we should make resolutions to extend all support to working mothers, who manage to advance in their careers with children in tow. It takes someone brave to be a mother, someone strong to raise a child, and someone special to manage work and motherhood simultaneously”, she stressed.

“Abraham Lincoln was rightly quoted saying—all that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother”, said Bushra Arshad Bano (Sub-Divisional Magistrate, Firozabad) reminiscing memories of her mother.

She also shared her experiences of studying and appearing for interviews while raising her sons.

“Although, we should all value the thought behind Mother’s Day; but I believe that for the recognition of everything that mothers do, every day should be observed as Mother’s Day”, emphasised Bushra.

Sajida Nadeem (Founder and General Secretary, Dr Zakir Hussain Foundation) said that a working mother is always making sacrifices and this makes her job beautiful and difficult at the same time.

Asifa Rana (Judge, Small Causes Court of Aligarh) spoke about why being a mother is one of the hardest yet fulfilling jobs and when coupled with a full-fledged professional life.

“A working mom has a daunting task to fulfill. Managing the kids, taking care of the family and juggling the responsibilities of the home along with a career, work commitments and deadlines brings in a lot of pressure. The efforts of working mothers need to be appreciated”, she said.

Filza Khan (UFC member) spoke on the portrayal of mothers in Indian and Western cinema and discussed the role of a struggling mother shown in Gauri Shinde’s film, ‘English-Vinglish’.

Syed Suhaib (UFC Secretary) delivered the welcome address and Nimra Ahmad conducted the programme.

Alvina Rais Khan gave the introductory remarks, while Mahvish Fatima delivered the vote of thanks.


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