Motilal Oswal Foundation Collaborates with Vidyawadi to construct new hostel for girl students

Mumbai : To coincide with International Women’s Day, Motilal Oswal Foundation collaborated with Vidyawadi (an educational institution for girls, established by Marudhar Mahila Shiksha Sangh) to set up a new hostel building for girl students.


Mr. Motilal Oswal, MD & CEO, Motilal Oswal Financial Services & Mrs. Vimla Motilal Oswal did the Bhumi Poojan for the new hostel for girls to be constructed by the Motilal Oswal Foundation at Vidyawadi, Khimel in Western Rajasthan. The hostel with advanced technology and air-conditioning will host 108 girls from the Vidyawadi residential school.


While addressing the girls for Vidyawadi School, Mr. Motilal Oswal said: “Education is a crucial step in Women’s Empowerment. Hence, focus and complete your Education. Once you are educated and empowered, never forget to give back to society and contribute to the Nation’s growth.”


Vidyawadi is spread over 65 acres. The campus has a school, seven hostel buildings, a degree college, and soon will house a postgraduate educational facility. The school has residential girl students and day schooler girls from nearby areas. The school focuses on holistic development of girls. Along with academics, the girls are trained in sports, music, arts and crafts. More than 2000 girls coming from various locations across the country are receiving Education at the school.


The campus has seven hostels that accommodate 750 girls. The upcoming new hostel being constructed by Motilal Oswal Foundation will have capacity to accommodate an additional 108 students.


Motilal Oswal Foundation has been focussing on providing Education and related facilities to the needy and people in the areas where it is difficult to get good educational facilities.


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