Motorised tricycles give wings to many PwDs in Kishtwar District

Enables Madan Lal to pursue his life’s passion with full zeal


KISHTWAR : Coming as a gift of life, Motorised tricycles provided to them by the district administration has given wings to dreams of many persons with disability (PwDs) in Kishtwar District.

This year about 15 persons with locomotor disability of different levels, including students, farmers, labourers were provided free motorised tricycles by the social welfare Department to make them more self-reliant and give wings to their life.

Madan Lal, a physically challenged, wanted to fly with dreams, to play cricket, earn his bread and butter on his own, wanted to move from one place to another without help. Madal lost his locomotors ability to polio infection years back. A resident of Danger Nallah Chingam, the disease rendered Madan Lal disabled for life time.

Despite severe disability, Madan Lal has a passion for playing cricket right from his childhood. He would play cricket with his friends whenever he gets a chance to showcase his passion.

Despite his invincible determination, he has to face a lot of problems in his daily life in moving around freely and independently. He feels it very inconvenient and uncomfortable, even disrespectful to move around with the help of others. He does not want to lead a life of dependency.

His life was changed when District administration Kishtwar, under the government scheme aimed to improve the life of such persons, provided him a motorized tricycle free of cost.

On receiving the motorised tricycle from the social welfare Department, Madan Lal is now very happy as he can move freely and conveniently to his work place, to the market place for purchase of daily needs.

“I feel more respectful because now I am not dependent on others, besides Motorised tricycle has helped to save my time and money to move to work place and market in an affordable manner” he said. It is not only the story of Madan Lal; there are more in the list.

Firdous Ahmed Ganie of Ganie Mohalla is also thankful to district administration for providing him the motorised tricycle to make his daily life more livable and independent.