MoU signed between Amity University & Sri BioAesthetics Pvt Ltd

New Delhi: Today, Amity University (AU) signed an MoU with Sri BioAesthetics Pvt Ltd (SBA) for joint research in the areas of research in industrial biotechnology/ secondary agriculture and allied sciences.

The MoU was signed by Dr. KRK Reddy, Managing Director, Sri BioAesthetics Pvt Ltd, and Dr. BL Arya, Registrar, Amity University.

As part of MoU, AU, and SBA will collaborate jointly on various research projects, dissertation projects, and internships for AU students. Together they will also conduct various seminars or conferences.

Welcoming the gathering, Dr. W. Selvamurthy, President, Amity Science, Technology and Innovation Foundation said ‘Scientists of Amity University are working on various areas including agricultural technology, training of farmers, development of microbes for soil health, etc’. We are conducting agri mission 2030 keeping food safety and nutritional security at the center. Dr. Selvamurthy also said “after research and innovation, we are not limited to only patents we also invite industries for technology transfers and product development. Under the MoU, we will jointly work on research, projects, joint Ph.D. guidance, conferences, lecture session, industry-based research programs”.

Dr. KRK Reddy said ‘In coming times, it is important to provide production and nutrient enhancing techniques to farmers for the availability of nutritious food grains for the growing population. In the present times, we need to pay attention to production management, soil, and seed health. Microbes play a special role in increasing the health of soil and seeds’. Dr. Reddy said that he is very happy to work with a renowned learning group like Amity. This MoU is a PP model in which both private sectors will together to increase food production. He added that today there is a lot of work for research and innovation but not every innovation is transferred to the industries. Other institutions like Amity should take inspiration where research, innovation, technical transfer with patents, and product development are always a priority. Dr. Reddy said to develop the health of soil and seeds, it is necessary to pay attention to the essential microbes and the idea of making the products of microbes, etc. developed by Amity scientists is also being considered.

The event was attended by Mrs. Anuradha from Sri BioAesthetics Pvt Ltd; Dr. Nutan Kaushik, Director General, Amity Food and Agriculture Foundation; Dr. BC Das, Chairman, Amity Institute of Molecular Medicine & Stem Cell Research amongst others.


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