Mouth rehabilitation at Dr ZA dental college

Aligarh : The doctors at the Dr ZA Dental College & Hospital of Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) have performed a full mouth rehabilitation of a 60 year old female patient. This advanced treatment included nerve bypass technique and masillitry sinus lift as well as grafting followed by simultaneous implant placement.

Dr Pankaj Kharade (Assistant Professor, Department of Prosthodontics) along with a team of residents performed this advanced treatment procedure. “Titanium implants which act like teeth have been used for rehabilitation of all missing teeth in the oral cavity for this geriatric patient”, said Dr Kharade.

Dr ZA Dental College has been one of the important centres for management of various oral diseases for the past many years, and this case of a 60 years old patient is amongst the recent full mouth rehabilitation cases where the patient has been treated with implants supported fixed prosthesis.

Congratulating the team of doctors Prof RK Tewari, Principal, Dr ZA Dental College said cost effective and quality advanced treatment is being provided to patients from various regions of Uttar Pradesh which brings much relief to them.

“The full rehabilitation of geriatric patients is a challenging task and comprehensive treatment plan is required on case to case basis which is performed by Doctors at AMU’s Dental College with success”, said, Prof Shaista Afroz, Chairperson, Department of Prosthodontics, Dr ZA Dental College, AMU.