MoveInSync launches free office commute solution and hotspot tracker to tackle safety concerns

Bengaluru: MoveInSync, India’s largest office commute platform today announced the launch of ‘ETS lite’. The free offering provides a combination of MoveInSync’s advanced SaaS product to enable automation for employees, drivers and the entire transport team. The solution is aimed at supporting companies with the necessary technology backing that can help them navigate their employee transportation operations during these unprecedented times.

ETS lite includes a transport console that allows enhanced data management where data bulk upload can be scheduled and manual data sync for employees can be managed. Transport managers will be able to manage routes, create shifts and manage shift cut-offs. It also incorporates a tracking tool and a security dashboard which allows managing key safety alerts. With the help of this solution, employees will be able to seamlessly track the cabs in real-time, receive pickup/drop and other safety notifications, and use an SOS alarm from the app for emergency situations. The solution will make the entire transportation process easier for drivers with automated navigation and routing. On entering office premises, auto sign off will be enabled. Trip history will be available on the device, simplifying reconciliation for drivers. Another key feature is auto detection and recalibration on GPS signal loss on the device, making the commute experience seamless.

Keeping track of red zones and hotspots is important even for those not commuting to office. MoveInSync has leveraged its technology expertise to develop a Covid-19 hotspot tracker. Curated and regularly updated based on data gathered from public bulletins and information from municipal governments, the tracker shows areas on the map that are currently hotspots. The tracker shows data for cities such as Bengaluru, Chennai, Pune, Mumbai, NCR and Hyderabad among others. Users can view the entire list of hotspots in a city and even check multiple locations at once.

Commenting on the announcement, Deepesh Agarwal, CEO and co-founder, MoveInSync said, “As we return to normalcy and companies reopen the office, ensuring employee safety will be a primary concern for all. At this inflection point, our commitment to enabling safe and secure commute has led us to introduce these solutions. The challenging nature of the current time calls for a unified approach where we help one another. We hope that our free solutions and tools aid organizations as they get back to usual operations.”

MoveInSync is ensuring that the guidelines outlined by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare are followed and has introduced measures to further secure the employee commute for customers. These include:

· Preventive identification and planning: Companies can identify Covid hotspots/containment zones and segregate employees based on the zones they are travelling from. Auto-removal of schedules for employees in red zones can also be enabled.

· Employee tagging-based routing: Companies can manage social distancing with a staggered approach by tagging colleagues in 2-4 groups, each group coming in on specific dates.

· Communication console: Companies can seamlessly send important communications to employees tailored to geography, shift, or office.

· Contactless Attendance: Contactless communication between driver and employee apps can be enabled to capture attendance. OTP based sign-ins are also supported.

· EHS (Environment, Health and Safety) for sanitized vehicles: A complete sanitization check mechanism has been added in the MoveInSync EHS to ensure periodic sanitization, with options of auto-expiry and making a cab non-compliant until sanitized again.

· Red Zone Alert: An alarm system helps transport managers keep a strict eye on vehicles that violate the planned routes and enter red zones.