#Mozambique approves its Strategic Education Plan for the next 10 years (2020-2029)

The Strategic Education Plan (2020-2029) was approved by the Council of Ministers on the 13th Ordinary Session held on April 21. The elaboration of the Plan had the technical support of UNESCO as the Grant Agent of the Global Education Partnership and is the result of a large participatory process led by the Ministry of Education and Human Development that involved, among others, the members of the Local Education Group represented by different governmental institutions at central, provincial and district levels, international cooperation partners, civil society, academia and the private sector.

Aligned with the national and international development Agenda, this plan aims to train ”citizens with knowledge, skills, moral, civic and patriotic values capable of contributing to the development of a cohesive society adapted to the constantly changing world”. The priorities centered around 3 fundamental strategic objectives:
1) Ensure inclusion and equity in access, participation and retention
2) Ensure the quality of learning and
3) Ensure transparent, participatory, efficient and effective governance