MP IAS Service Meet 2020 Inaugurated

Bhopal : The Chief Minister Shri Kamal Nath while addressing the opening session of MP IAS Service Meet 2020 at RCVP Naronha Academy of Administration here today said that Madhya Pradesh is a diversity-rich State of India, known for its diversity and ethos in the world. This diversity remains to be transformed into a positive energy. He said that the only country matching India’s diversity was the Soviet Union, but it no longer exist because it did not have the value of tolerance, which remains hallmark of India. This is the real identity of India.

No limit for justice

The Chief Minister Shri Nath urged the IAS officers who are in the midway of their service length and those about to complete their service period should think where they wanted to see Madhya Pradesh. Those starting their career should think where they want to see Madhya Pradesh. Describing administrative officials as dispenser of justice, the Chief Minister said that values ​​like Liberty and Equality enshrined in the Constitution may have limitations but Justice has no limit. It is delivered even in the oldest of and favoured circumstances. There is a need to bring about a change in the perception. The Chief Minister said that skills of administrative officers remain unchanged regardless of change in the political leadership. He said that soon after the political leadership changes, bureaucracy is reborn but with their knowledge, skills remaining intact.

Three prizes for New Ideas of Change

On the occasion, the Chief Minister also talked about giving three prizes for the New Ideas of Change. He informed that a jury of Ex-Chief Secretaries will chose best Idea.

Present profile of M.P. must be changed

The Chief Minister said that every state has its own profile. It requires collective efforts to change the Profile of Madhya Pradesh. The present profile must be changed. Madhya Pradesh needs a new identity. He said that it is urgent to generate economic activities. The technology is changing every moment. Entire nation is changing. The access to vast knowledge and information resources has increased today. He said that India has the largest aspirational population in the world. This is the population of the youth. He said that even aspirations are changing. The challenge is how to adopt and adapt the change.

Excess production is a challenge

Shri Kamal Nath said that Madhya Pradesh has agriculture dependent economy. At present, the challenge is the excess of foodgrains and not shortage. He said that the real change would occur only when farmers wearing conventional costumes start wearing jeans and T-shirt by adopting modern farming.

Skilled youth need employment

The Chief Minister said that the biggest challenge is to engage the new generation into jobs. He said that every year a large number of skilled youth are coming out. They need employment, which is the component of economic activity. Therefore, increasing economic activity is a challenging task. He said that every government has its own style of functioning, strengths and weaknesses. The new generation of administrative officers will have to which direction the want to steer Madhya Pradesh. He said that Madhya Pradesh has the potential to become an economic power. It has immense logistic advantages. The market and trade can have direct link with the whole country. It requires change in the outlook. This requires new learning. He said that learning is important but how we learn is far more important, he added.

The Chief Secretary Shri S.R. Mohanty talked about the service meet. He said that this is an opportunity to bring together new energy and experience in the larger interest of the society.

Additional Chief Secretary Shri M. Gopal Reddy, Shri Manoj Shrivastava and Principal Secretary Shri Malay Shrivastava presented mementoes to the guests. At the outset, the President of Madhya Pradesh IAS Association, Shri ICP Keshari, in his welcome address, described the Chief Minister as a modern, liberal, dynamic leader with global perception. He has visited 159 countries. He said it was Shri Kamal Nath, who opposed the World Trade Organization meeting with his ministerial colleagues in the interest of farmers. Under his leadership, the automobile sector in the country witnessed tremendous growth.

Senior Administrative Officer and eminent writer Shri Pawan Verma and Director General of Academy of Administration Sushri Veera Rana were present on the occasion.