Mphasis Unveils “Engineering is in Our DNA” Campaign to Unlock Next-Gen Customer Transformation

Mumbai: Mphasis, an IT solutions provider specializing in cloud and cognitive services, today unveiled its brand transformation campaign – “Engineering is in our DNA” – a fresh approach that help organizations unlock the new digital future.


Mphasis’ drive is to engineer digital solutions to address specific business pain points, in a way that is replicable, scalable, and measurably impactful. At the core of the launch is Mphasis’ hyper-realistic computer-generated imagery, intricately designed to showcase how customers can benefit from a richer, more tailored experience that will help them meet their business transformation goals. The new brand campaign, with innovative 3D imagery for solutions and 4D brand video, will power Mphasis’ progression into a leading customer-centric solutions provider.


“At its core, our “Engineering is in our DNA” mantra is aligned with our key priority of approaching complex problems that our clients face in today’s world with design thinking and harnessing digital technology as an enabler of impactful business outcomes. It showcases how we at Mphasis lead with design and architecture to deliver a portfolio of next-generation offerings and services that blend deep domain expertise with cutting-edge technology, said Nitin Rakesh, CEO and Executive Director, Mphasis


Mphasis’ brand evolution and cutting-edge design can be viewed here


The graphic elements provide a vivid, visual representation of the process of architecting each of Mphasis’ digital solutions- much like engineering a real-life mechanism, and how the interplay between the different components leads to specific measurable outcomes. The 3D design allows to represent the different dimensions of each Mphasis’ solution in a way that customers can visualize what transformation will look like for them.


The branding complements Mphasis’ domain contextualized offerings, which are embedded with deep tech and powered by the ‘Tribes and Squads’ model – cross-functional teams focused on driving the development of next-generation offerings. Guided by its unique Front2BackTM approach, Mphasis’ focus is to create hyper-personalized experiences and enable customer-centric transformation through cloud and cognitive technologies.


“We employed a highly innovative design element, to showcase our brand vision for the future and to reflect how Mphasis brings the ‘T’ back into IT, where ‘T’ stands not just for technology but also for transformation. The branding brings to life the elements of advanced digital technology in a way that is accessible and interactive. It that may seem complex to explain but, through applying next-generation design, can capture in one image the huge benefits of the engineering mind-set. Our engineering mindset allows us to continuously innovate and #stayahead”, said Veda Iyer, Global Chief Marketing Officer, Head Sales APAC.