MPL launches a holistic mental wellness programme, powered by Kaha Mind, for its partners

New Delhi: Mobile Premier League (MPL), Asia’s biggest esports and skill gaming platform, today announced the launch of a mental wellness programme for its partners. This programme, powered by wellness platform, Kaha Mind, will provide MPL’s partners with comprehensive tools and resources to address their mental health and wellness needs.


As part of the programme, partners can avail one-on-one virtual therapy sessions with licensed mental health professionals to manage and address any mental health challenges they face, in a safe and confidential manner. Kaha Mind will also conduct a host of workshops to help people understand different psychological concepts such as resilience, coping with stress and effective communication, to name a few, and how to implement them in everyday life. Lastly, therapist-led virtual calls called Kaha Konversations will enable people to learn practical skills to cope with stress and anxiety.


Commenting on this, Sai Srinivas, Co-Founder and CEO, Mobile Premier League, said, “Our partners are an integral part of the MPL ecosystem and we are happy to launch this Kaha Mind programme to support them. As the pandemic continues to reshape our lives and test our resilience, this programme is a small step to share with our valued partners the resources to help them safeguard their mental health and lifestyle. Our team has benefited immensely from the various measures we have implemented through Kaha Mind over the last one year and we are confident that our partners will find the programme useful as well.”


“Over the past year, we at Kaha Mind have been working with MPL to provide the team with the necessary tools to understand, recognise and tackle the stressors that affect us every day. This includes 1-1 therapy with trained mental health professionals plus workshops and discussions to break down topics like managing stress, coping with anxiety, finding your balance and more. We are delighted that MPL has now extended this programme to their developer network as well, and we look forward to working with them on their mental health and emotional wellness,” said Abisha Fernandes, Psychologist and Programs Lead, Kaha Mind.


Balakrishna, Managing Director of MaxPlayGames, an MPL partner game developer, said, “We are grateful to MPL for providing this platform and the complete range of mental health services by Kaha Mind. The current pandemic is a reminder of how important it is to look after our health and this programme will be beneficial to all our employees to enable them to take care of their mental wellbeing effectively.”


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