Mr. Ninad Karpe, Author, Director, Aptech Limited launched his book ‘BOND to BABA: #Successful Strategies’

Mumbai: What could be common between Marathi blockbuster Sairaat movie, Baahulbali, Pro Kabbadi League and corporate strategy? The book “BOND to BABA #Successful Strategies” by Mr. Ninad Karpe, Director, Aptech Limited and Chairman, CII – Western Region, draws corporate strategy lessons from real life examples across entertainment, sports and politics. Inspired by a range of subjects, the book derives useful lessons for business leaders, managers, students and anyone interested in the practical application of strategy. The formal book launch ‘BOND to BABA: #SuccessfulStrategies’ was inaugurated by Mr Ninad Karpe, Author, Chairman, CII – Western Region and Director, Aptech; Mr Amar Babu, COO, Lenovo Asia Pacific; Mr Ramdas Bhatkal, Publisher, Popular Prakashan and Prof. Dr. Uday Salunkhe, Group Director, S.P. Mandali’s Welingkar Institute of Management (WeSchool).

The panel discussion on topic ‘Strategies for a brave new world’highlighted how business practices are continually evolving with changing customer expectations in a digital world. It was moderated by Mr. Ninad Karpe – Author, Director Aptech Limited and Chairman (CII) – Western Region. The esteemed panel included Mr. Amar Babu, Chief Operating Officer, Lenovo Asia Pacific and Prof. Dr. Uday Salunkhe – Group Director, WeSchool.

At the launch of his book, Mr. Ninad Karpe, Director, Aptech Limited, Chairman, CII – Western Region said, “The book draws parallels from recent happenings and significant historical events to understand the strategies that could be used in creating brands. It is my endeavour to reveal practical applications of strategy in today’s dynamic and ever-changing digital world.”

Speaking at the launch of the book, Prof. Dr Uday Salunkhe, Group Director, WeSchool said, “The world around us is changing at an exponential pace with robotics, artificial intelligence and machine learning. It has become imperative for the youth to be agile and continuous learners. At WeSchool, we always believe that vision with action can change the world. Perseverance is one quality that all youngsters must imbibe and follow. Having a growth mind-set is the only way in which we can stay relevant in the future. While pursuing all of this, the younger generation must learn to enjoy the journey of obtaining knowledge continuously and take a pause at regular intervals to reflect upon themselves and to rejuvenate which will reinforce their future.

About WeSchool

Among India’s top business schools, WeSchool is a pioneering management education institution with emphasis on design-led innovative management education for shaping vision and mission of global citizen leadership. WeSchool strongly believe in integrating the philosophy of ‘leadership’ and ‘innovation’, and nurtures students with a holistic view on the socio-economic-political matters with a coherent and strategic approach towards problem solving. Keeping design and innovation its core, WeSchool endeavors to provide newer avenues to students towards achieving excellence in all sphere of life and nurture them to become Global Citizen Leaders.

The CII-AICTE National award for ‘Best Management Institute for Industry Institute Linkage’, 2015 has been awarded to WeSchool. Also, the “Best Innovative Institute” award at the ASSOCHAM 9th Higher Education Summit, National Excellence Awards at the hands of Union HRD Minister of State, Prof Dr. Ram Shankar Katheria was awarded to WeSchool this year. WeSchool had the honor of being bestowed the Best Management Institute of the Year Award, 2015 by the Bombay Management Association (BMA) at the hands of Mr. Ratan Tata.WeSchool has collaborated with MIT Media Lab, Stanford Design School, IDEO, and Center for Creative Leadership among others. WeSchool partners with several leading universities globally on an array of areas. And among its collaborations with foreign Universities: Mälardalen University (Sweden), Curtin University (Australia), Unitec Institute (New Zealand), Grant McEwan (Canada), Copenhagen University (Denmark), Otto Fredrich Universitat (Germany), Audencia Nantes(France), Stuggart Media University (Germany). Tel-Aviv University, IDC Herzliya, and Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (Israel).

WeSchool’s philosophy is about using the collective wisdom of “WE” to nurture insightful thinking and inspire action based leadership.