MRG Group of schools cherished bonds of mother and kids at Mother’s Day celebrations

New Delhi:  MRG School and The Shri Ram Wonder Years, Delhi ‘s two reputed schools following the legacy of legacy of the Shri Ram School in academic collaboration with Shri Educare Ltd. kept the theme of ‘Mom & Me’ and hosted adoring virtual celebrations on the account of Mother’s Day. The idea was to celebrate the affectionate bond between mothers and their children. The schools organized a multi-faceted activity challenge, with the choice given to participants to choose an activity of their interest and submit a video entry of the same to school.

Mothers with their children sang, danced, painted, made beautiful art pieces and submitted their video entries to school. The Shri Ram Wonder Years being a pre-school received a good number of participation from the little ones while MRG, a K-12 school received close to 600 participants from Classes 1st-12th standard. The winners were awarded with winning certificates and amazon vouchers. All the creative videos made it to the official social media handles of the school, and garnered much appreciation there.

“It was indeed an engaging and light-hearted activity, and was much needed during this time. The school always celebrates special days and festivals in a unique manner, motivating children to learn or practise something new.” says Mrs. Ashima Makhija, parent of Class 4th student. Adding on to these celebrations,

Ms. Sumedha Goel, Director, TSWY said. “All these celebrations are only possible when we receive cooperation from our dear children and parents, the school’s efforts are always applauded for keeping the parents community abreast with all kinds of important days and giving them a chance to cherish it with their kids. We plan such activities keeping in mind that they not only act as a stress buster, but also encouraging for children to grow and learn more.”


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