MRG School Excels in Blended Teaching Learning, says Research Agency


Delhi: Delhi-based research firm International Brand & Research Forum (IBRF) announced MRG School as amongst the best schools providing ‘Blended Teaching Learning’. MRG School is the first senior secondary School in Delhi that promotes the value-based education of The Shriram Schools, Delhi & Gurugram in collaboration with Shri Educare Ltd. (SEL). The academic collaboration with Shri Educare Ltd., an education consultancy set-up by the Arun Bharat Ram Group, enables the implementation of value-based education of The Shri Ram Schools, Delhi and Gurugram. The collaboration also aims to establish higher benchmarks of academic excellence and to set a new standard for quality education.

MRG School intends to attain academic achievement and ensure that all children are future ready by utilizing one-on-one computing, higher order thinking abilities, and 21st-century talents. The school has concentrated on realigning their teaching approaches and includes skill education embedded in the Blended TL curriculum in accordance with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s New Education Policy, which was revealed in July 2020.

On school’s reformed approach, and its relevance in the post-pandemic world, Ms. Anshu Mittal, Principal, MRG School, Rohini, said, “Critical thinking and a reflective attitude to learning will become the cornerstones of future success and survival as we prepare our students to deal with the post-pandemic world. It’s critical for educators and mentors to stay updated to help pupils with clarity in their cognitive processes. Through their academic relationship with SEL, MRG School has addressed this need.”

MRG School, which is ranked among the top ten schools in Delhi, bases its pedagogy on the principle of the ‘Three Way Handshake’, which states that a child’s continuous development and firm foundation can only be achieved through a tripartite arrangement between parents, teachers, and students. MRG school students are taught to value rational thinking, critical evaluation, decision-making, and, most importantly, faultless execution.

Nearpod, Padlet, Mentimeter, Jamboard, Quizlet, Vooks, Turtle Diary, Kahoot, Phet, and other e-learning tools and interactive platforms are being introduced and used according to the necessity, accessibility, and interest of the subjects concerned, according to this CBSE School in Delhi. MRG School’s teachers and staff meet at regular intervals throughout the year for a training and evaluation programme that helps them connect successfully with learners and foster a culture of conversational and research-based discourse, and learning.