MRG School hosts Coffee Morning Session with new admissions

New Delhi: MRG School, Rohini, and Shri Educare jointly organized an insightful virtual session for the parents and children who are going to attend school in 2021-22, the upcoming session. Called ‘Coffee Morning Session’, the school planned it as an ice-breaker between the parents of young ones who have joined the school in the new session and the teachers; the school also addressed the concerns and queries of parents around the ongoing remote learning process. More than 150 parents participated through Zoom, and around 600 parents attended through FB Live. The session was spearheaded by Ms. Priyanka Barara (Principal, MRG School) and Ms. Nidhi Kaushik(Facilitator, Shri Educare).

Welcoming the educators and parents, Ms. Barara said, “We are excited to meet the young ones physically after everything comes back to normal, but till that time our efforts will be directed to prepare them in the right manner for future challenges. At MRG, we look forward to ideas and encourage the parents to initiate a conducive learning environment for their little ones. We design the activities for the young minds to help bring about holistic development, and this approach is followed even during the virtual classes.”

Ms. Kaushik added to the pedagogy followed at MRG School and said, “We believe that elementary education plays a vital role in building basic yet essential skills in a child such as listening, retention, observation, etc. At MRG we reach out to every child to guide them on ‘how to learn’ instead of telling them ‘what to learn”.


The session was then led by English educators who planned activities like ‘Spin the Wheel’ and ‘Let’s tickle your neurons’ to engage children and parents. The purpose of these activities was to inculcate new learning and higher-order thinking skills in an integrated manner. Educators tried to communicate with the parents that even simple activities and games can encourage the kids to learn. Ms. Kaushik added, “STEAM program is one such initiative that integrates a variety of subjects such as Science, Technology, Maths, Engineering, and Arts; it helps the child explore his abilities and skills that can come in handy in later stages of life.”

The session was concluded with the Principal and Facilitator from Shri Educare addressing the concerns parents had over the safety standards of the school, the school’s international curriculum, Shri Educare’s focus on holistic learning, and assessment of children in the virtual learning system.



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