MS Dhoni’s Mantra for a happy marriage:Listen to your spouse

Hyderabad: Iconic Indian cricketer MS Dhoni, talked about a happy marriage and the beauty of the husband-wife relationship, at an event hosted recently by, the leading online matrimony company. MS Dhoni is the Brand Ambassador for BharatMatrimony, the largest and most trusted matrimony brand.

“I’m better than the husband shown in the BharatMatrimony TV Ad. At home, I let my wife do everything. I know I can be happy only if my wife is happy,” Dhoni said in response to a question whether he’s like the husband depicted in BharatMatrimony’s “Find Your Equal” Advertisement. Husbands are happy when their wives are happy, he explained in a interaction laced with relationship tips and humour.

“There’s something about marriage that makes life interesting and it gets more interesting when the kids come into the family. Marriage is a word that brings up a smile on everyone’s face,” he said. Elaborating on marriage, he continued: “the real essence of marriage is once you cross 50. I would say that’s the real age for love. That’s when you get slightly away from whatever your daily routine is and have all the time for the two of you. The real companionship comes into play at this stage.”

“Men are lions… until they get married,” he quipped. The audience burst into a roar on hearing this. On marital relationships, he opined that in the beginning men talk and the women listen, later it’s the other way round.

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