MSK Kishtwar organises awareness programme on Constitutional Rights of Women at Hullar

Kishtwar: District level Centre for Women, Mahila Shakti Kendra (MSK) today organised awareness Programme on Constitutional Rights Of Women, here at AWC Hullar Kishtwar.

The MSK team sensitised the participants about the safeguards for women rights in the constitution of India. They said that the Constitution protects rights of women and all vulnerable sections of the society and also promotes equality of Status and opportunity for all.

They were informed about the Article 15(3) and said that it permits States to make special provisions to safeguard the rights of women and children. They said that these laws give women the authority to fight against abuse, discrimination, violence, harassment, indignities, etc. and help them of fighting against any injustice.

The MSK team informed that the aim of these kind of awareness programme was to empower women and girls with the knowledge of their legal rights and duties, enable them to share power equally, gain full access to the means of development and to inspire whole world.

The MSK team also laid emphasis on the awareness of Women Helpline, Child Helpline, OSC from where they will get first help regarding any kind of violence faced by them.


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