Mumbai and New Delhi place in ranking of best student cities

London: Mumbai and New Delhi rank among the world’s 100 best places to be a student, according to the fifth edition of the QS Best Student Cities ranking. The table, released today by QS Quacquarelli Symonds, compilers of the QS World University Rankings, places Montreal in first place for the first time since the inaugural ranking of 2012.  For all previous editions, Paris was topping the list. The ranking expands from 75 cities to 100 this year.
QS analyses cities according to performance in six composite indicators: Affordability, Desirability, Student Mix, Rankings, Employer Activity, and, for the first time, Student View;
Key findings:
Mumbai places 85th, while New Delhi places 86th;
Indian cities perform best in the Affordability metric, which measures the cost-of-living in each city. New Delhi ranks 15th for this indicator, while Mumbai places 30th;
They also both see high levels of graduate Employer Activity: Mumbai ranks 40th, while New Delhi is ten places behind it in 50th;
However, Mumbai has fallen substantially: in the previous edition of the ranking, it was the world’s second-most-affordable student city;
Both Indian cities see increases in their Desirability score. This measures a number of indicators pertaining to quality-of-life, including pollution, corruption, and safety. Mumbai is 90th, while New Delhi is 91st;
The top five cities in Asia are: Seoul, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Kyoto-Osaka-Kobe;
The best city in the US in which to study is Boston, which places 8th worldwide;
London rises from 5th to 3rd, and is the US’s highest-ranking city;
Canadian cities perform well in the wake of recent political events in the United States: four of their five ranked cities rise, and Vancouver (10th) also places in the top 10;
QS analysed 125 cities for this year’s ranking, publishing the top 100.