Munchilicious Granola launches its ‘back to work’ campaign – An easy and healthier way to help consumers adapt to the new normal

Mumbai: Munchilicious Granola (A SOCH Foods LLP Product) launches a ‘Back to Work’ campaign offering its lip-smacking healthy granola variants to satiate the hunger cravings of people while they head back to work. With offices resuming, three things will be highly essential to carry – a mask, a sanitizer and a packet of Munchilicious Granola. The current pandemic has made people extremely mindful in terms of the food choices they make and Munchilicious is here to save the day with its 40 gm back to work packs as a perfect solution for the modern-day health-conscious consumers.


Munchilicious granola 40 gm packs have been designed keeping in mind the taste palates and consumption habits of people today. These healthy and tasty breakfast cereals and snacks are available in 4 different variants: Original (nutritious breakfast when you are getting late for work), Dried Fruits (richness of nuts, seeds and real fruits power-packed to accompany you in long board meetings), Grain-Free (a vegan super snack to munch on while heading back from work) and Desi-Twist (a perfect chai-time savoury with the desi twist).


Manufactured and packed in an ISO certified facility, these 40 gm packs will be primarily available in all the premium stores in 2 phases. In the first phase, this healthy granola will be available in Delhi NCR and Mumbai, while in the second phase it will be available in Pune and Bangalore.


Speaking on the launch of the ‘Back to work’ campaign, Mr. Rohit Mohan Pugalia, Founder & CEO, Munchilicious Granola (A SOCH Foods LLP Product) said, ‘Post the pandemic outbreak, consumers have become more conscious with respect to what to eat and what not to eat, what is good for them and what is not while they get back to work. This is exactly why we have launched the ‘back to work’ campaign. With Munchilicious Granola, one does not have to worry about what to munch on at work and carrying multiple dabbas. These healthy and tasty Munchilicious Granola 40gm packs are power-packed with nutritious and immunity-boosting ingredients.”


With the ‘Back to Work’ campaign Munchilicious aims to create awareness amongst the audience as to how they can munch on food without having to worry about health and hygenic factors. One can now easily carry their healthy routine and binging from home to their work desks in a pack of Munchilicious Granola. They have also designed QR code which will drive the consumers to the Munchilicious Instagram page where they can get more information about the products and the brand.


Munchilicious is part of Soch Foods LLP that aims to usher in a healthy food lifestyle in general and particularly for the new-age health-conscious as well as time-starved working professionals. Over a quick period of time, Munchilicious has made its way to leading retail platforms across India such as Nature’s Basket, Spencers, More, Amazon, Flipkart and many more. Presently, Munchilicious is available in the popular variants of Dried Fruits, Original, Grain Free, Desi twist and Dark Chocolate. Consumers enjoy Munchilicious Granola standalone directly out of the box and also with milk, ice-cream, yogurt, smoothies and protein shakes amongst others. All products are manufactured in an ISO 22000:2005 certified facility with ISO 22,000 – Food Safety Management System. FSSC – Food Safety System Certification and TUV – are German businesses that provide inspection and product certification services. Purvi Pugalia, the co-promoter of SOCH Foods, is the Master Chef of Munchilicious Granola, who supervises the taste and quality aspects of the brand.