Museum practice of pedagogues-historians


After studying the discipline “Fundamentals of Museum Affairs” “and passing the exam, the 3rd year students of the Institute of History, Political and Social Sciences were able to apply their theoretical knowledge in practice.
Museum practice of historians-teachers takes place in the Museum of Science of the University. One group of students is engaged in the Anatomical hall Ars medicinae in the Morphological building of PetrSU. Under the guidance of MD. I.G. Pashkova, they participate in the description of museum items and the compilation of an electronic catalog of the exposition.

Another group of students is directly involved in the creation of the exposition, the arrangement of exhibits in the showcases in the Zoological Hall “The World of Animals”. The associate professor of the Department of Zoology and Ecology E.A.Moiseeva advises historians on the classification of representatives of the animal world by order.

After completing the placement of exhibits, students will start compiling an electronic catalog of the exposition and creating a label for museum items. Thus, passing the museum practice, students-historians contribute to the development of the Museum of Science of PetrSU.

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