Music to come forefront in the new education system optimistic industry leader says

After 34 years the MHRD, now to be known as the Ministry of Education, has introduced the New Education Policy (NEP) which will break through traditional methodologies and systems to provide a more holistic learning for students across the country. According to the New Education Policy, students from class 6th onwards can choose majors for the subjects of their choice. For minors students can choose to pursue subjects like music, arts, coding etc.

With the NEP coming into existence, a student can explore arenas that are above and beyond academics such as Music. Instead of an eternal class for Tabla , Guitar, Mandolin, Mridanga , he or she can opt for this as their minor subject and applied music learning can become an integral part of the education system. The mentors from music industry will also find great opportunity to widen their scope of training across schools and institutions
For music enthusiasts, Octavez Classroom is one such kind platform offered by the Global Performing Arts Academy.

Ravi Krishnamurthy, Founding Partner – Global Performing Arts Academy says – We are glad that after three decades or so, the education policy is seeing all those changes we so needed all this time. We welcome it. The kind of impetus it gives for overall development is just commendable. It opens up a lot of opportunities for a host of mentors and tutors from across arts and music.

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