MVJCE to Organize a Robotic Workshop for Students

Bangalore: MVJ college of Engineering (MVJCE) will be hosting a two day workshop on October 15th and 16th, 2018 as part of “Center of Excellence in Robotics & Automation”, in order to help the students know more about the design aspects of Robotics. The two day workshop will focus on embedding skill development and on ground practical knowledge amongst the students.

Skill development is currently the need of the hour for engineering students. The changing job scenario has made it necessary for the students to equip themselves with the latest skills. The workshop is a step towards encouraging the students to enhance their skills and spend more time in the Robolab for advanced learning. Participants will have hands –on experience in design and manufacture of basic robots using AVR microcontroller family.

The workshop will to provide an introductory level training for robotics intended for imparting the basic knowledge that a beginner needs to get started in the field of Robotics and automation. The basics of electronics and mechanical needed for a new comer to this field will be taught with the help of a short planned course which comprise of short term training/workshop aiming towards assembly and manufacture of a pre-decided robot module taught in a group which will help the trainees the get nuances of the field of Robotics and Automation.

Speaking about the importance of the workshop, Dr. Nagaraj Sitaram, Principal, MVJCE said “The workshop will help in supporting the government’s initiative of ‘Skill India’. In the current job scenario, it has become important for the colleges to revamp their curriculum and encourage practical learning, skill development and critical thinking among their students to ensure that they get the best jobs in the industry and can contribute more towards their country. The current workshop will also help in promoting innovation among the students and will assist in updating the curriculumin both undergraduate and postgraduate level”.