MVS Engineering installs onsite Oxygen Generation Plant for Hyderabad’s Kamineni Hospital

· Last week, MVS Engineering installed an onsite Oxygen generation plant at Kamineni hospital, King Koti, Hyderabad · With a capacity of 500 LPM, the plant is expected to serve around 100 hospital beds · In fact, this is the first onsite plant at any of the hospitals belonging to Kamineni Group whose chain of hospitals has served the people of Hyderabad and the nearby region including international patients for over 25 years · MVS Engineering and the Kamineni Group are also in talks for installing more of such plants in the coming future

Hyderabad : With an eye on bolstering Hyderabad’s oxygen preparedness as well as to firm up its Covid fightback, MVS Engineering, India’s leading onsite oxygen generation solutions provider has set up an onsite oxygen generation plant at Kamineni hospital, King Koti, one of the most prominent hospitals in the city.

Possessing a capacity of 500 LPM, it has been calculated that the MVS plant will sufficiently supply lifesaving oxygen to around 100 hospital beds in the hospital. So far, the hospital’s oxygen supplies had hinged on reserves of liquid oxygen tanks and cylinders kept on standby. Notably, this is the first onsite oxygen generation plant at any of the hospitals belonging to the Kamineni group. In fact, MVS Engineering and Kamineni group are in discussions over installation of more of such plants.

“Even as there is no definitive end to the Covid-19 menace till now notwithstanding the increased vaccination coverage, the enduring importance of lifesaving oxygen not only for patients but also other patients suffering from respiratory and other related conditions can never be denied. We all remember how the city of Hyderabad and other places in the region had reportedly faced shortages of oxygen during the devastating second wave. With the installation of this plant at the hospital, a small but timely step has been taken by the Kamineni Group to augment and indeed ensure that unfailing, reliable, and indeed foolproof supplies of oxygen is available at all times to the thousands of patients who come to their hospital for treatment, said Siddharth Rastogi, Executive Director at MVS Engineering Pvt Ltd.


At the same time, we would also like to express our appreciation of the hospital administration and authorities for having extended full cooperation in terms of the logistics, permissions and other related requirements essential to the installation and commissioning of such a plant. We are hopeful that MVS Engineering and the Kamineni Group will continue to work together with each other and many similar plants or even of higher capacity would be installed at other Kamineni hospitals in the coming future, he added.

“The last one and half years have certainly been a sort of a test of the entire healthcare community with respect to the delivery of care to our patients. And no one can dispute the role of guaranteed oxygen supplies in a time of a pandemic wherein the virus mainly affects respiratory and breathing systems. While oxygen cylinders and tanks also do serve the needs of patients, a sudden breakdown in supply even for a few minutes or an erratic supply for a short period can mean the difference between the life and death for a patient. And so, it was but natural that we decided to have onsite oxygen generation plant within the premises of the hospital. And when it came to choosing of a vendor, we had no doubt who to approach since the reputation of MVS Engineering well preceded them for their onsite gas technology expertise and experience. What’s more, their impeccable post-installation maintenance and service support will make sure that we continue to serve the needs of our patients now with 100% guaranteed oxygen availability at our hospital. Although the third wave has not really shown up as yet, we must remember that Covid-19 has not gone away, said Mr N. Mohana Rao, Head Public Relations , Kamineni Hospitals.