This bootstrapped company aims to provide similar recognition to video game players like any other sportsmen, athletes or celebrities

MyGameMate(MGM) an online multiplayer eSports platform for mobile gaming has recently secured USD 100,000 in an angelround funding from “Jindagi Live Angels” lead by Deepak Maheshwari& other angels. These funds will be used to strengthen the technology platform, develop more multiplayer games and to organize tournaments. MGM is keen on providing similar recognition to video game players like any other sportsmen, athletes or celebrities globally.

The gaming industry is ripe for disruption and in India, the future of the eSports is growing rapidly. It is at the same place where e-commerce was during the late ’90s or early 2000. With easyand a reasonable access to quality smart-phones along with the availability of cheap internet data, the mobile gaming sector & online tournaments will definitely take eSports to the next level. MGM is combining the industries 4M’s Mobile, Multiplayer, Money, Merchandise to create a compelling and engaging gamingexperience that will help serious professionals make a full fledged career out of it.

MGM is live with their six games from different genres and has already successfully arranged PUBG tournaments wherein they got registrations from almost 500 teams and in the next tournament they are looking to get registrations of approximately 1500 teams and expecting to cover around 10,000 teams for their mega annual PUBG tournament. Further, they have organized tournament of Ludo &BluffMaster in few colleges as well. MGM is an eSports platform for all gamers& not only strategy gamers wherein they will be organizing tournaments on monthly basis for all games in an organized format and don’t want to just carry out matches by charging participation fee from the players. This will also help in identifying talent in eSports from different games where companies can bid for the teams or players. MGM however has already partnered with various brands in different ways to test the waters, like Rebel Foods &DocsApp giving out vouchers & subscriptions, BeingChampion an apparel brand providing T-Shirts to the MGM players in lieu of branding provided to the brand in the game or for organizing exclusive tournaments for various brands.

Commenting on the funding, Parshavv Jain& Raju Kushwaha, Founder of MGM said, “Our successful funding will breathe new life into the gaming & esports experiences. The backing from these high-profile investors is a testament to the scope of opportunities that lie in front of us. It will put us at the forefront of this dynamic shift taking place in the eSports industry.Westrongly believes that MGM can become a product for global market built out of India.”

MGM is mainly a bootstrapped company, hasrecently been picked up by India AcceleratorWinter 2019 batch to help the company realize its true potential and enable its journey towards growth.IA has picked it as it is very bullish about e-sports sector and believes there is great potential in the burgeoning field. The online gaming industry in India is expected to generate a revenue of INR 12,000 Cr in next 5 years and it is a matter of time before the segment explodes.