myUpchar to power Hindi health queries on Amazon Alexa

Mumbai: myUpchar will now provide answers to your health-related queries in Hindi on Amazon Alexa. The answers are provided by doctors, healthcare professionals and medical writers associated with myUpchar. The healthtech startup is known for creating evidence-based healthcare content in multiple Indian languages, including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi and Bengali.

The emerging Indian company is making its content available on Alexa to enable and empower customers to get answers to queries about everything from symptoms and treatment of diseases, different diets and nutritional needs to home remedies and self-care for minor illnesses, and fitness activities, and get a response immediately in Hindi or Hinglish.

Whether you realize it or not, your health is the most valuable possession you have and the COVID-19 pandemic has especially brought this into focus. No matter where in India you come from, what your mother tongue is, or which socioeconomic strata you belong to, access to accurate and credible health information and services is your right.

To make this information accessible to all those who reside in India has been the main aim of, India’s biggest destination for health information. myUpchar already provides you with informative videos, articles, and medical illustrations on their website, app, social media, and news portals in multiple languages, and also teleconsultations. Now they take it a step further to make this information available to you via audio content.

“Providing answers to health-related queries via Alexa is the next step in our commitment to ensure credible healthcare information is available to every Indian in their language in any form they prefer – text, visual, or audio”, said Dr Manuj Garg, co-founder of myUpchar.


This feature is live on Amazon Alexa and you can get a taste of it by saying “Alexa, diabetes ke lakshan batao”.



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