Nanjing University Inaugurates Official Post Office

On May 22, the opening ceremony of Nanjing University Post Office was held at Xianlin Campus. Chen Zhiquan, general manager of Jiangsu Branch of China Post Group Co., Ltd., and Tan Zhemin, president of Nanjing University and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, attended the opening ceremony.

During the event, Tan Zhemin and Chen Zhiquan jointly unveiled the “Nanjing University Post Office”. Guests, teachers and students witnessed the official operation of the Nanjing University Post Office.

Yu Zexin , deputy general manager of Jiangsu Branch of China Post Group Co., Ltd., sincerely thanked the leaders of Nanjing University for their concern and attention and the strong support of relevant departments. He said that Jiangsu Post will always adhere to the service tenet of “focusing on teachers and students and satisfying the school”, strive to innovate in campus service business, actively build smart postal service and green postal service, integrate with the academic atmosphere and cultural heritage of Nanjing University, and provide efficient, convenient and high-quality postal services for teachers and students.

Zou Yajun , member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice President of Nanjing University , congratulated the opening of the Nanjing University Campus Post Office and expressed his sincere gratitude to Jiangsu Post for its concern and support for the development of Nanjing University. He said that in recent years, the post office has continued to increase the innovation of campus products and services and enrich the cultural connotation of the campus post office. He also looks forward to further deepening cooperation with Jiangsu Post in the future to provide better services for teachers and students and create new highlights in the campus culture of Nanjing University.

Zou Yajun and Yu Zexin unveiled the “Nanjing University Post Office Opening Commemorative Envelope”. Relevant departments of China Post Group Corporation Jiangsu Branch, and heads of Nanjing University’s Asset Management Department, Capital Construction Department, Logistics Service Group and other departments jointly attended the opening ceremony.

The Nanjing University Post Office is located on the first floor of the south side of Building 4 of Chengyuan Student Apartment in Xianlin Campus of the university. It provides campus services such as postal express delivery, philatelic cultural creation, stamp stamping, post office coffee, and student shared space. The response on the opening day was enthusiastic, with more than 8,000 teachers and students entering the store. The opening and operation of the Nanjing University Post Office is another important measure for Nanjing University to fully implement the “Forging Ahead” and further improve the quality of logistics services and security assurance. It is also a “model project” for Jiangsu Post to deepen school-enterprise cooperation and promote the iterative upgrade of campus postal services. Nanjing University Post Office will focus on building new standards based on the needs of teachers and students, and further create a new landmark of campus culture with diverse functions.