National Education Policy is based on democratic values of learning

Bhopal : Governor Smt. Anandiben Patel has said that the National Education Policy is based on the democratic values of learning. It has a nation-centered, integrative approach in its form, to spread knowledge to every section of the society and area, leaving aside the pressure, absence and influence to learn. Governor Smt. Patel was addressing a webinar, organized on National Education Policy Challenges and Implementation today, from Raj Bhawan Lucknow. The webinar was organized by Mansarovar Global University Bhopal.

Governor Smt. Patel said that ‘Lok-Vidya’, evolved in Indian tradition should be made part of mainstream education. Develop exploration, solutions, rationality and creativity in students and instill efficiency and new thinking to use new information as needed. Adopt measures taking place at global level, based on academic quality, research, analysis and consultation to enable students to get opportunities to fulfill their passion. She further mentioned that under the National Education Policy, teachers have been facilitated to develop students as per their nature and attitude. For successful implementation of education policy, create a new work culture by cooperating with the students with an open thinking. The values ​​of innovation and adaptation that we want to create in society should be established in the institutions, she added.

Urging educationists and education field, Smt. Patel said that to achieve the goals and proposals of the policy, contemplate on all aspects with holistic and serious approach, considering them as a golden opportunity for setting new standards of educational achievements. Deliberate on how to make fundamental changes useful. Take a lesson from history and pave the way for future by thinking and discussing. Prepare a road map, for the plan of action at your own level with good intentions and open mind. She said that modern technology has enabled us to reach the students, standing at the end of the society, very fast, very well and at very little cost. Private universities should take an initiate for successful use of technology in the field of education. In order to help teachers and promotion of e-learning, work to bring improvement in reach, equity and quality of education.

The Governor said that when students will study in college, scientifically and according to the rapidly changing needs and time, only then they will be able to play a positive role in nation building. The need of the hour is that the universities become a transformation-centre of knowledge from an information centre and teachers should play the role of transformers. The atmosphere and attitude of universities should be such, in which students get what they want, so that they leave the campus with full knowledge, culture, tradition and with knowledge of values of life. Their feelings towards the dignity of labour, patriotism, social service, moral values, family values, environment conservation, sanitation and health should be strengthen. On this occasion, Governor Smt. Patel, remembered Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya on his birth anniversary.

At the outset of the programme, the welcome address was given by Vice Chancellor of Mansarovar Global University, Shri Arun Pandey and a vote of thanks was proposed by the Pro Chancellor Shri Gaurav Tiwari.


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