National Korea Maritime & Ocean University Signed a business agreement with Busan Young City near Club to create jobs for the elderly



On the 21st , the university signed a business agreement with the Busan Young Dosi near Club for job creation and mutual cooperation for the elderly in the policy meeting room on the 3rd floor of the university headquarters .


In accordance with the Convention university and Busan leadership Senior club △ school hygiene services for student safety △ campus security patrols and environmental improvement △ will actively cooperate for the mutual development of the two organizations, such as community contribution through the creation of senior jobs supported .


Kim, Jung – Hyun Busan senior leadership oversees the club’s ” thank you for your cooperation in creating jobs for the elderly ,” said , ” Through this agreement, both organizations will dwaeteumyeon the opportunity to evolve together ,” he said .


Lee, Kyung – Hoon students bucheojang is ” to think that the first step in Pusan senior leadership club and interact ,” said , ” In addition to the work associated with community service also hope nagagil after a relationship ,” he said .


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