National Law University Odisha, Cuttack has been on protest for three consecutive days

Bhubaneswar: The student body of National Law University Odisha, Cuttack has been on protest for three consecutive days and has witnessed everything from adverse climatic conditions to apathetic administrative promises. Three dialogues with the administration have led only to half-hearted proposals most of which have been rejected by the Student body. Even today the administration failed to address our concerns satisfactorily.

The two most pertinent issues being, the Girls Hostel-2 and the Library still await concrete resolutions from the Administration. The solutions that have been proposed by the administration are just alternate forms of persecution of the student body. The demand for documents pertaining to the fund allocation and use for both the Girls Hostel-2 and the Library has not been addressed by the Administration as well.

The issue of functioning of the air-conditioners in the academic block also just had oral assurances with the Administration demanding one weeks’ time for the entire repair work. The Student Body has demanded all the correspondences with the agencies entrusted with the repair work to verify the veracity of the same. On the issue of faculty evaluation, the administration failed to provide any satisfactory resolution and sought further time for discussion with the faculty itself. The demand for a tabulated form of the responses of the students regarding the previous faculty evaluations has not been met by the administration. The administration failed to provide any documented rationale for the fee hike of the incoming batch and refused to budge from its paternalistic views on the curfew timings.

Further, ten days’ time was sought by the administration for the appointment of a nurse without intimating any detailed framework of the same. The administration failed to provide any detailed structure regarding their role in the Placements of the University and shifted the entire burden on the Student Council.

The inconsistent responses of the administration regarding the demands of the student body reflects no clear intention on their part to consider our demands affirmatively.. We demand more than just mere assurances and ambiguous resolutions. As the administrative lethargy persists, the student body shall continue peacefully resisting and reminding all the stakeholders that accountability, transparency, and integrity is what our institution stands for.