National Mathematics Day: Students of TCO1 pay tribute to Shri S.Ramanujan

New Delhi: ‘The Class of One’, an online-only school celebrated National Mathematics Day, as their students paid tribute to renowned mathematician Shri Srinivasa Ramanujan, , the great mathematics genius who made an exemplary contribution to the subject. Students of Classes 3rd to 5th celebrated this day with their teachers. The activities were planned to create awareness about the importance of Mathematics in day-to-day life situations and also to create student’s interest in studying the particular subject.

As part of the celebrations, a presentation was shown on the life of Sir Ramanujan, various activities were organized and conducted on the ongoing Math topics for Grades 3 to 5.Each grade had their separate share of activities. Grade 3 had Magic Square Activity, Penguin Jump Multiplication Activity, Division Derby Activity and Mental Math. Grade 4 had Magic Square Activity, Division Derby Activity, Fraction Pizza Pandas Activity and Mental Math.Grade 5 had Magic Square Activity, Fraction Pizza Pandas Activity , Comparing Fraction Tug-Team Activity and Tangram Activity. All these activities were time based and students participated with great zeal and enthusiasm.

Divya Jain, Director & Founder, TCO1 said,” TCO1 was conceptualized to transform traditional learning frameworks. Our teachers are trained to be the perfect partner for a child’s educational growth. The online school provides a high-quality Oxford Advantage curriculum with cutting-edge digital content. Events such as celebration of National Mathematics Day help us create avenues for children’s growth and cognitive development apart from the designed curriculum. It also acts as an interactive activity between students and teachers to further build strong bonds.”

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