National Pollution Day at Ahmadi School


Aligarh : Deep concern over the hazards of air pollution was expressed in the online awareness programme on ‘Environmental Pollution’ conducted to observe the ‘National Pollution Day’ organised by the Ahmadi School for the Visually Challenged, Aligarh Muslim University (AMU).

Dr Naila Rashid (Principal, Ahmadi School) said, “The best way to protect air quality is to reduce the emission of pollutants by changing to cleaner fuels and processes. People should immediately reduce the number of trips taken in their cars, avoid burning leaves, trash and other materials and also avoid using gas powered equipment for daily chores”.

She urged students and school teachers to raise awareness on pollution and its control.

Conducting the programme, Physics teacher, Sara Siddiqui discussed the impact of pollution and the measures that can be adopted to curb pollution.

Meanwhile, school students—Preeti Kumari (Class X), Laiba (Cass VII), Irfan (Class VII) and Priya (Class IV) sang songs on pollution control. Other students presented slogans on the need for a pollution free environment.