National Science Day celebrated at LPU Campus

    Jalandhar: Students and faculty members at the School of Chemical Engineering and Physical Sciences of Lovely Professional University (LPU) joined hands for evocative celebration of ‘National Science Day’ inside Shanti Devi Mittal Auditorium today. On this occasion, Emeritus Professor from Panjab University, Chandigarh, Dr Suman Bala Beri awakened students on the latest happenings in Physics & Chemistry domains. In addition, Science Quiz, Skit, Debate, Painting and allied activities of common awakening towards realities of sciences were also upheld by students for day to day occurrence of science in common lives. The theme of the year- 2020, “Women in Science”, was celebrated with full fervour and vigour at the campus.

    While interacting with LPU students, Emeritus Prof Dr Beri talked on the importance of science, its future, and significance in the advancement of the human race. Talking about the increasing number of women in science, she referred about the first woman to win two Nobel Prizes, in two diverse fields-Chemistry & Physics, Marie Curie.

    Dr Beri also talked about many other international and national women scientists including Chemist Rosalind Franklin, Botanist Janaki Ammal, Astronaut Kalpana Chawla, Biologist Manju Sharma and more. She also added to the scientific knowledge of the students by talking in detail about biggest experiment on the earth Higgs Boson ‘God’s Particle’. This is the most powerful particle accelerator on the planet, which helps give mass to all elementary particles, such as electrons, protons and more.

    Prior to this, Head of the School, Dean Dr Ramesh Thakur and his team had accorded floral welcome to the elite speaker of the day. Dr Geeta and her team described latest inventions by using costumes and props; whereas, Dr. Suman and her team members presented a skit to inspire common people in believing scientific realities instead of blind followings like witchcraft, necromancies etc.

    In fact, in order to commemorate the invention of the ‘Raman Effect’ by the Indian Physicist Sir Chandra Sekhara Venkata Raman in 1928, National Science Day is celebrated all over India with great enthusiasm every year. For his great success in the field of science in India, Sir Raman was awarded and honoured with the Nobel Prize in Physics in the year 1930.