National Seminar on Industry 4.0 – Opportunities & Challenges for Fine Arts Professionals Organized at Amity University

New Delhi: Apprising students about the future opportunities and the roadblocks they might face, a National Seminar on ‘Industry 4.0 – Opportunities & Challenges for Fine Arts Professionals’ was organized at Amity University, Noida. With Industrial revolution likely to affect education as well along with the industry, the seminar organized by Amity School of Fine Arts (ASFA) provided students an enlightening platform to discover the best course for themselves.

Sharing his happiness in visiting educational institutions like Amity, Padma Bhushan and Eminent Artist Jatin Das shared with the students how we have inherited, decadent colonial academic system. “This system advocated a divide between Science and Art while in reality there is no divide. I request all academic institutions to combine science and art as there is nothing like art without science and vice versa,” shared the eminent artist. Asking students to be adaptive to learning everything, Shri Das asked the institutions to focus on giving students and exposure to experiences. “Art should not be confined to your art department only. Institutions should give students training after they have experienced every nuance. I would suggest that don’t think of jobs right from the beginning. Take a year off and travel. You need to form and interest first,” shared Shri Jatin Das.

Mrs Divya Chuhan, Chairperson (ASFT, ASFA & ASPA) encouraged the students to follow their dreams and work hard for their success. “You are living through an exciting time. So make the most of these opportunities and keep learning through such experiences,” said Mrs Divya Chauhan.

Ms Prerna Mehra, Head of Design & Creative Director, CHEIL Worldwide informed how everyone around is gearing up for Industry 4.0. Sharing her views on the creative industry and called it Work in Progress. “With OTT content on the rise, it’s important to know the creators of the content. If you think the content is creative, you need to indulge in it,” shared Ms Prerna Mishra.

Mr Rishiraj Sethi, Gallery Owner, Aura Art, Mumbai spoke about the commerce dimension of art. “We all want to become a successful artist. And you should feel proud of the fact that you are a part of a 5 lakh crore industry and an integral part of the economy,” shared Mr Sethi. He also shared how lot of corporates now are getting into the art collection journey. Talking about the future, he further shared how museum professionals is what the country will need in the future with a number of museums having come up in the country in the recent times,” said Mr Sethi.

Mr Sanjay Tiwari, CEO, JUXT Consultancy asked the students to keep an open mind and continue to learn on the go. “Technology will come and go but creativity will always be an inherent part of you. Keep looking within,” suggested Mr Sanjay Tiwari. The seminar attended by hundreds of students had interactive sessions that kept the gathering engaged and provided a lively atmosphere.

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