National Taiwan University: NYU Fulbright Fellow Makes the most of NTU’s Interdisciplinary Resources

Scholars from around the world choose Taiwan as their destination to explore and enrich their research portfolio each year, and NTU is honored to welcome many of them at its various research facilities or labs.

Caspar Lant was awarded a Fulbright Program Scholarship in 2020. Moreover, intending to advance his Chinese studies, he chose Taiwan as the place he’d call home for a year. Caspar got in touch with Professor Jane Hsu, the first female professor of Computer Science and Information Engineering at NTU and the director of the NTU IoX Center. Specializing in artificial intelligence, IoT, and human-computer interaction, the center is a multidisciplinary space bringing together local and international researchers who are passionate about providing innovative technology solutions.

When asked about his personal motivation in research, Caspar immediately responded that he wants to utilize technology to help tackle health issues for both humankind and the environment. One of his current projects is a medication management device to dispense the right dose while AI technology monitors intake to prevent overdosing and addiction. Medication management also helps to reduce excess medication from contaminating water resources and aquatic ecosystems.

Located in downtown Taipei, NTU is a stone’s throw from the hills and ocean surrounding Taipei. Casper takes frequent walks in Fujhousan Park while he looks for inspiration or needs to clear his head. Even though Caspar has been living in Taiwan only for a few months, he is already a familiar face in the local community. The nearby food vendor recounts his weekly visits and knows his order by heart, and the neighborhood barber knows just how he prefers his haircut.

Although his stay has been affected by pandemic prevention measures, Caspar said that his experience at NTU has far exceeded his expectations and he would recommend NTU to scholars worldwide. He is grateful for the opportunity provided by Fulbright Taiwan and hopes there will be more exchanges between New York University and NTU. While there are still a few more months until the end of his stay, Caspar is already looking forward to coming back to Taiwan in the future. NTU will welcome him back with open arms!

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