Nature Index 2020 ranks SRM the No.1 private university in India


SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Kattankulathur has been ranked No.1 private university in India and 21 among Indian universities by the Nature Index 2020. The ranking was done based on Nature Index data from April 1st 2019 to March 31st 2020.

Among the four broad subject areas, SRMIST ranked 19th in India for Chemistry and 28th in Physical Sciences. The Nature Index also ranked SRMIST 5th in India among Nature and Science journal groups.

Nineteen research articles were published by the faculty members of SRMIST and its sister institutes between April 1st 2019 and March 31st 2020. These articles were compiled into a database by Nature Research to create the Nature Index rankings. Out of these nineteen articles, twelve were published by the Faculty Members of SRMIST, KTR Campus. One article was published by a faculty member of SRM University – Sikkim. The rest of the six articles were published by faculty members of SRM University- AP, Andhra Pradesh: Dr Sutharsan Govindrajan, Department of Biology; Dr Nimai Mishra, Dr S. Mannathan, Dr Mahesh Kumar Ravva, Department of Chemistry; Dr Siddhartha Ghosh and Dr Jatis Kumar Dash, Department of Physics have made significant scientific contributions in achieving the honour for SRM University.

Some of the top articles by an altmetric score in the current window are: ‘The Genome Asia 100k Project enables genetic discoveries across Asia’ published in Nature (December 2019), and ‘A bacteriophage nucleus-like compartment shields DNA from CRISPR nucleases’ published in Nature (December 2019). Apart from this SRMIST’s overall publications has reached 22,000 as on date (put together in all Indexing Databases). Our university’s h-index stands at 83 (Scopus based).

The nature index (21) of SRMIST is well above that of some of the IITs and many established Universities in the country.

The Nature Index is a database of author affiliations and institutional relationships. The index tracks contributions to research articles published in 82 high-quality natural science journals, selected by an independent panel of active scientists. The Nature Index provides a close to real-time proxy of high quality research output from an institution/region/country.

This Index provides absolute and fractional counts of article publication at the institutional and national level and, as such, is an indicator of global high-quality research output and collaborations.