NAV Back Office distributes pullovers, tablets, bicycles to destitute kids for uninterrupted education


Jaipur: Education is one of the worst hit sectors during the unprecedented coronavirus pandemic and has left many children especially those belonging to the lower-economic section of the society out of the school. In order to provide continuous learning facilities to such destitute learners, leading city-based ITes solutions provider NAV BackOffice has decided to distribute pullovers and given a cheque of Rs 1,00,000 to purchase tablets and bicycles so that nothing can be a hindrance in attaining quality education. The company has collaborated with two different NGOs I-India and Top Neurons so that they can cater to the needy ones in large numbers.


According to a latest report from UNESCO, education has been hit particularly hard by the COVID-19 pandemic with 1.53 billion learners out of school and 184 country-wide school closures, impacting 87.6% of the world’s total enrolled learners. Drop-out rates across the globe have risen as a result of this massive disruption to education access.


NAV BackOffice has been running a unique campaign to mount such humanitarian assistance to common people affected in any way by COVID-19. The campaign, titled ‘Hum Layenge Khushiyan’ rolled out across Jaipur and leveraged the 1500-strong employee base of the company. The unique decentralized model of giving back to society is implemented through the employees of NAV BackOffice who get INR 4000 each and decide on the cause they want to work for.


“While other critical needs such as health, water and sanitation are being responded to, educational needs cannot be forgotten and these have an equally detrimental impact if left unaddressed. The ‘pile-on effect’ of the coronavirus is that, during the global COVID-19 pandemic, interruptions to education can have long term implications — especially for the most vulnerable. There is a real risk of regression for children whose basic, foundational learning (reading, math, languages, etc.) was not strong to begin with. And millions of children who have already been deprived of their right to education, particularly girls, are being more exposed to health and well-being risks (both psychosocial and physical) during COVID-19. These are the children we at NAV BackOffice prioritize and we are doing everything possible to make the ends meet so that they ensure that their studies, as well as physical and mental growth, continue without problems,” said Mr Anil Agrawal, Managing Director, NAV BackOffice, Jaipur.


On receiving the contribution from NAV BackOffice, Mr Prabhakar Goswami, Director, I-India said that the donation of 450 pullovers will definitely help those children who are in need of warm clothing during this ongoing season. Appreciating the efforts of NAV BackOffice, Mr Puneet Mittal, Trustee, Prem Shanti Charitable Trust, said with the donation of Rs 1 lakh we have purchased tablets so that children can do their online studies properly. We have also bought three bicycles for the students living in Jaipur PG.


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