Navneet Education Limited launches “Mom I Know”

Mumbai: As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads across the globe, a majority of countries, including India, have announced temporary closure of schools, impacting the education of children worldwide. With a mission to improve the learning experience and outcomes for children in these difficult times, Navneet has launched Mom I Know, a learning program to help parents at home.

Navneet has always been at the forefront when it comes to dissemination of knowledge. From being a one-stop shop for educational products, the brand is also now a permanent go-to place for the Children’s books. The newly launched Mom I Know program caters to children in the age group 3+, 4+ and 5+, and has customized boxes for each age group. Each box contains 7 books of Literacy Skills, 3 books of Numeracy Skills, 2 books of General Awareness and Reward or Motivational Stickers.

With schools starting late for children or getting disrupted due local lockdowns, Mom I Know serves as a perfect support to school program, reinforcing learning at home. The MIK kit includes child-friendly pictorial activities aligning to the school curriculum, a comprehensive and methodical program for independent learners, and easy-to-use school readiness kits which are designed for families to help children build essential foundation skills in all key areas of learning. The program will cover a year’s complete learning program for a child.

Based on NCF (National Curriculum Framework – Govt Body) guidelines:

Parent can easily administer these worksheets by following simple steps.
A one stop solution for whole year – solves parents problem of selecting various books and teaching child.
Developed by Child development experts.
Age Appropriate graduating content.

Parents can purchase the book from, & is also available at leading stores:
Shailendra Gala, Director, Navneet Education Limited, said, ‘Navneet believes in ensuring education reaches children, even in times of crisis. In this current situation that we are facing, the schools & tuitions for young children are disrupted and may not go ahead as planned. “Mom I Know” Program will help parents to cover a complete year learning program for the child and support the school program. Our products are interactive, fun, and knowledgeable, making sure the child’s interest is kept in mind. I look forward to its success.”

Prriety Gosalia, Publication Head, Children’s books, said, ‘ The Children Book division of Navneet has always ensured informative and fun learning for children. Seeing the current situation Mom I Know serves as a strong support to the school program & home reinforcement learning program. It is a program which will enhance the development of 5 fundamental skills Maths, Literacy, Phonics, Reading and Environmental Science, cover a complete year’s learning for a child. I look forward to the success of Mom I know & aim to create more such programs’.

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