NCC Cadets of GCW Udhampur participate in Mission Shakti at DPL


UDHAMPUR: The NCC Cadets of Government College for Women Udhampur participated in one-month long self -defence training camp for girls of schools and colleges organised by District Police, Udhampur under Mission Shakti -An Endeavour to Empower the Girls.

The purpose of this camp was to make the participating Girls self dependent and also to set an example of women empowerment.

The training included stretching exercises, jumping & running, followed by the basic knowledge about self defence like different types of kicks i.e in out kick, front kick, full rise kick and their techniques.

They were also taught about ‘how to tackle such unexpected and unprepared situations mostly when you are alone, how to defend and save yourself from somebody’s attack.’

Prof. Minu Mahajan thanked the District Police for this activity and appreciated the cadets and said ‘These types of self defence activities and training are very important and useful for every person but most importantly for girls and women so that they become self dependent and become an example of women empowerment.’