NCC Group HQ Secunderabad conducting online Ek Bharat Shresta Bharat camp from 22 March to 27 March 2021

New Delhi: An Online Ek Bharat Shresta Bharat camp started on 22 March 2021 between Uttarakhand directorate and AP and Telangana directorate and it will continue for a week culminating on 27th March 2021.

Welcome address was given by Col surender Hora , Shaurya Chakra Sena medal, group commander NCC Group HQs secunderabad on behalf of NCC directorate AP &Telangana . There are total of 10 Associate NCC Officers and 400 cdts participating in this online camp.

Col Surender Hora during his welcome address welcomed the 200 guest cadets from Uttarakhand directorate and wished them success and appreciated Col Ramanuj and his team for conducting the six day event which is hosted by 1 Telangana girls bn NCC

On the second day of the camp the deputy director general AP& T Dte, Air commodore TSS krishnan visited the control room to monitor the training and get on-ground feedback from the conducting team.

The interactive sessions are being very much appreciated by the cadets of all three states as they learn about each other’s language, culture, customs and traditions.


Feedback Online Saptah Phase VI
Day 1: 22 Mar 2021

Online EBSB saptah phase vi between AP & T dte and UK dte commenced with a welcome message by Gp Cdr NCC Gp HQ Secunderabad, Col Surinder Hora, SC SM.

Lt Lydia presented modalities of the camp and Maj Jaya sudha gave out the schedule of the camp with broad timeline

An interactive ice breaking session between the cdts of AP & T and UK dte was conducted which was thoroughly enjoyed by the cadet.

The day’s schedule culminated with an informative presentation by UK dte on their state History, Geography, Economy ,SWOT analysis.

Cdt Str participated : 319

Feedback Online Saptah Phase VI
Day 2: 23 Mar 2021

Online EBSB saptah phase vi between AP & T dte and UK dte day 2 commenced with an interactive session about telugu language in which cadets were taught on the basic phonetics and meanings of various commonly used sentences.

The UK dte also reciprocated by briefing AP&T state cadets about basics of Garhwali language

The two interactive sessions were followed by a presentation by cdts of AP & T state on festivals, customs, traditions and cuisines of the two states.

Uttarakhand Dte cadets followed up with the presentation on their cultural heritage,festivals customs & traditions.

Cdt Str participated : 297

DDG AP & T, Air Cmde TSS Krishnan visited the EBSB control room and took feedback on the issues faced by the conducting team.

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